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#1448384295 Performance-Based Risk Sharing in Behavioral Health

Performance-Based Risk Sharing in Behavioral Health

With Dan Zorn, CEO of The SPARC Network

The Benchmarks Training Institute is sponsoring an online (audio recording and slide presentation) program on one provider’s innovative perspective on risk-shared contracts with Managed Care Organizations. This recorded webinar will give you some practical information that you can apply right now in your own agency’s strategic planning.

The program is divided into two parts. Each part takes about 23 minutes.

In Part 1 you will learn:

  • definitions of key terms related to risk-shared contracts
  • a rationale for payers and providers to share risk and guarantee performance
  • an example of a guarantee offered in exchange for a negotiated rate
  • pros and cons of this type of contract
  • aspects of organizational culture that will mitigate your risk

In Part 2 you will learn: 

  • why a strong Evidence Based Practice will mitigate your risk
  • how to leverage your Evidence-based Practice to negotiate new service definitions with MCOs
  • how to adapt your service to meet the "pain points" of a payer
  • additional points to consider when negotiating rates
  • types of guarantees you can offer an MCO in exchange for flexibility and negotiated case rates
  • how much to keep in a "risk reserve”

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