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Motivational Interviewing

The course is taught by MINT trainer Todd Roberts. This 13-hour course meets the CABHA training requirements for the Introductory Course in Motivational Interviewing. This online course makes this training much more accessible and less expensive than the training currently offered. It includes:

  • video-based instruction provided by the MINT trainer
  • interactive exercises
  • appropriate reading assignments on MI
  • an online test to document successful completion
  • a certificate of completion for people who pass the online test

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Crisis Response

Target Audience 

Mental health and substance abuse providers who participate in the Person Centered Planning process for clients.  This new Crisis Prevention and Intervention Plan form is required for all individuals who have a Person Centered Plan.

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Person-Centered Thinking

This training satisfies the requirement for an additional six hours of Person-CenteredThinking/Recovery training for serviceproviders who have already completed a six-hour course per ImplementationUpdate #82 dated November 12, 2010 andImplementation Update #86 dated April 6,2011 Option B.

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Day Treatment Service Definition

A three hour training on the Day Treatment Service Definition, presented by Dan Zorn, CEO of Families Together, located in Asheville, NC.  This training meets the CABHA requirement for three hours of training on the Day Treatment Service Definition.  It includes interactives quizzes and a post test with a printable Certificate of Completion.  

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Intensive In Home Service Definition

A three hour training on the Intensive In-Home Service Definition, presented by Dan Zorn, CEO of Families Together, Located in Asheville, NC.  This training meets the CABHA requirement for three hours of training on the Intensive In Home Service Definition.  It includes interactives quizzes and a post test with a printable Certificate of Completion.  

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Introduction to Motivational Interviewing for Healthcare Providers

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an evidenced-based, 
client-centered directive method of communication 
for enhancing intrinsic motivation to change by
exploring and resolving ambivalence.  MI has also
been shown to improve the doctor-patient relationship
while increasing the efficiency of the consultation.  By completing
this training you will be given an opportunity to practice
this guiding style; add practical tools to your toolbox, and
respond to your patients using reflective listening
and strategies to elicit change talk language from the patient.

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Motivational Interviewing: An Advanced Course for Clinicians
Faculty: Chip Watkins, MD

This course teaches and demonstrates the use of Motivational Interviewing for physicians and other healthcare professionals. The course includes a brief overview of Motivational Interviewing principles, skills, and applications for primary care providers. It also includes four demonstrations of a physician using Motivational Interviewing to engage patients with specific diseases: depression, hypertension, diabetes, and tobacco addiction. Users of this course are advised to download a handout to guide their viewing of the demonstrations.

Targeted Case Management

A six hour training on the Targeted Case Management Service, presented by Heather Prather and Sara Wilson of Easter Seals UCP.  This training meets the service definition requirement of six hours of training in the functions of Targeted Case Management.  It includes interactives quizzes and a post test with a printable Certificate of Completion.  

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CMS Core Competencies

You will not regret spending time taking this super fun and exciting course on CMS’ Core Competencies. Renate Macchirole, our trainer, is engaging, interesting and simply outstanding as she walks through examples of how to implement these important skills into your work.  We hope you will join us for this online training experience! 

Target Audience

Any Direct Support Professional (DSP) that provides support to people including Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, Ageing, Veterans, Children, Hospice and more.

Course Learning Objectives

  •  Understand the need for universal competencies in human service systems
  •  Reflect on the changing roles and expectations of the direct support workforce
  •  Fulfilling the CMS Community Rule and preparing the direct support workforce by adopting universal competencies
  •  Using competencies to build career ladders
  •  How competencies empower direct care workers


Renate Macchirole was the Project Coordinator for Benchmarks’ initiative of creating a state chapter for NASPD from 2015 to 2016.  Renate has a BS in Special Education from Marywood University, in Scranton, PA. She has worked for the Center for Discovery in Harris, NY, and with the Federal Probation program out of NY.  After moving to NC, Renate worked for the Dare County Department of Public Health and created the Dare Respite Care Volunteer Program.  Renate most recently worked for Monarch as their Community Inclusion Specialist.  At Monarch, she began a pilot program called the Beach Club which received the Programs of Excellence award in 2010.

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Working Safe, Working Smart

Human service providers work in a difficult, often dangerous world. Despite the increasing dangers involved in the field of human services, most workers have little understanding of the risks they face and little or no training in how to cope with them. Yet such skills can be taught, and human service agencies can become safe as well as satisfying places to work.

"Working Safe, Working Smart" is a training program for workplace safety, specifically for human service professionals. The focus of this training is on the interaction between staff and clients or the general public. The training presents an approach for determining safety needs within an agency and identifying a broad outline of areas that might require safety planning.

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The Real World


The Real World is a 3-4 hour online program designed to help communities coordinate a simulation event for young adults to help them make decisions in the real world. Users of the online program will learn how to develop a comprehensive transitional program designed to provide concrete experiential learning for youths as they make decisions regarding their education, careers, and financial management. Real World Simulation Event data collected over the years indicate substantial learning by young adult participants as well as community members who participate in the online training program. The online training program is not only a helpful planning tool, but an engaging curriculum for anyone working with older youths and young adults. The Real World online program provides users with an Interactive Timeline to help keep planning up to date, a Real World Toolkit, and license to reproduce the materials and tailor them to fit the demographics of the community. The license provides forever access to the website to refresh learning, receive updated documents, and plan simulation events for years to come.

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Volunteer Advocate Academy

The Volunteer Advocate Academy is a curriculum dedicated to those adults who work and live with adolescents involved in the child welfare and the court systems. This online curriculum was developed with the assistance of hundreds of volunteer advocates and staffs from across the country. Their insight and feedback have been critical to provide you with comprehensive knowledge to provide young people as they transition towards adulthood. National CASA endorses the Volunteer Advocate Academy curriculum as continuing education for working with older youths. 

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Performance-Based Risk Sharing in Behavioral Health

With Dan Zorn, CEO of The SPARC Network

The Benchmarks Training Institute is sponsoring an online (audio recording and slide presentation) program on one provider’s innovative perspective on risk-shared contracts with Managed Care Organizations. This recorded webinar will give you some practical information that you can apply right now in your own agency’s strategic planning.

The program is divided into two parts. Each part takes about 23 minutes.

In Part 1 you will learn:

  • definitions of key terms related to risk-shared contracts
  • a rationale for payers and providers to share risk and guarantee performance
  • an example of a guarantee offered in exchange for a negotiated rate
  • pros and cons of this type of contract
  • aspects of organizational culture that will mitigate your risk

In Part 2 you will learn: 

  • why a strong Evidence Based Practice will mitigate your risk
  • how to leverage your Evidence-based Practice to negotiate new service definitions with MCOs
  • how to adapt your service to meet the "pain points" of a payer
  • additional points to consider when negotiating rates
  • types of guarantees you can offer an MCO in exchange for flexibility and negotiated case rates
  • how much to keep in a "risk reserve”

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Bloodborne Pathogens

In this course, students will learn about bloodborne pathogens. We will review the various types of bloodborne pathogens as well as transmission, exposure, protection and prevention. We will also offer methods for responding if you are exposed to blood or body fluids.

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Defensive Driving

This course covers defensive driving techniques and best practices for on-the-road safety as well as common driving hazards, what you can do to avoid an accident and what you should do if you are involved in an accident.

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Safe Lifting

This module covers safe lifting techniques and how to react in the case of an accident. We cover various types of lifts, the mechanics/techniques involved in safe lifting, common hazards, risk factors and how to prevent accidents and injuries.

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Slips, Trips & Falls

This course covers the prevention of common types of slips, trips and falls as well as the risk factors that can lead to accidents.

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Your Next Patient Has Autism 

A practical guide 
for the health 
practitioner for 
the special 
needs of 
patients with 
disorders on 
the Autism 

A presentation for the health practitioner for effectively meeting the special needs of patients with disorders on the Autism Spectrum.

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Challenges & Strategies for Successfully Supporting People with Dementia

This course gives behavioral healthcare and I/DD providers a basic understanding of how to support people with dementia. The course defines dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and describes how these conditions are exhibited by people with Intellectual Disabilities. Students learn how dementia affects personality, communication and behavior. The course offers practical ways that behavioral health and I/DD professionals can support people with dementia.

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