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Please read the following directions to order courses. 

Our system is similar to most shopping cart systems you have used when purchasing other products on-line.  There is, however, one key step that is different. Please read the directions below before you purchase.

NOTE: The form below is just a tutorial. Once you've reviewed the turorial, click the "Puchase Courses" icon located at the bottom of this page to order your course(s).


1. When supervisors order a course for an employee using an agency credit card.  Once you click on "Pay with Pay Pal" you will see a screen like the one below.  Instead of entering the card holders name and e-mail address, please enter the EMPLOYEE'S name and e-mail address.  This will automatically enroll the employee in the course with their own name and password.


Fill out the billing address section with the billing address on your credit card statement.



NOTE: If Pay Pal declines the card, please double check your billing address and credit card number FIRST. If it is still declined, go ahead and change the name fields to show the CARDHOLDER's name, as a small number of cards do require it.  Keep the e-mail address the same as the employee's.

2. Individuals or employees buying courses with their own credit card should enter their own names and e-mail addresses in the Pay Pal fields.


3. Agencies buying courses for multiple employees.  You can enter the CARDHOLDER's name in the Pay Pal fields. You will receive an e-mail with instructions on providing us with the names and e-mail addresses of your employees.

Thanks!  Please click the image below to order your courses.

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